How to Choose & Use Premium E-Liquid for E-Cigs

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Electronic cigarettes rely on one useful feature for providing flavor and vamping experience. The e-liquid is the feature that synthesizes when you are releasing electric current from the battery of the e-cig to stimulate the burning experience. Unlike traditional cigarettes, the e-cigs do not physically burn. Instead, they only release flavors and nicotine content from the e-liquid to you for ingestion. You end up with the same high feeling without the dangers of smoking. However, most people imagine that using e-liquids would be difficult and that the e-cig would be cumbersome to hold and use. The truth is far from such assumed problems. Read on to see ways of using e-liquid and find new tricks for bringing life to your e-cig experience.

Find out the Type of E-Liquid You Are Using


Two common types are available namely PG and VG to imply their constituents and to give you an idea of what to expect when you are vaping. The PG stands for propylene glycol while the VG stands for vegetable glycerin. They come with various added flavors and will have the unique features of cigarettes, which are nicotine in multiple doses. Thus, your first task when picking e-cigs would be to know the flavor and type of liquid combination you will be using. The ration of the bases of the e-cigs matter because they affect the outcome. Most starter packs come with the PG but it can cause allergies, and that is why you need to know the availability of the other one so that you can use it too.

Why VG Is Better Than PG

Unlike PG, VG comes from natural ingredients. That alone is enough to make it a worthwhile choice because it leaves you with less allergen to make you worry. Secondly, it comes with a sweet aftertaste for your daily use signature, which can help you, form good memory associations with your e-cig. After all, most people want to use smoking as a leisure activity and an aid to improve thought flow. However, the fact that VG is better than PG on paper does not mean that PG should not be a choice for anyone. People who find its content bearable in the health perspective end up swearing that the uniqueness of flavors in the PG option is worth it. Luckily, you can get liquid brands that have various PG/VG ratios to give you a taste of both sides.

Nicotine Content

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The nicotine you find in your e-cig represents the equivalent of traditional sticks of cigarette you would be smoking. More nicotine is similar to many sticks and vice versa. The benefit of going with premium e-liquid options is that you can use more nicotine in the range of 24 mg to get the same high, but you can also use that measure as an aid to cut back your nicotine dependence. Light usage ranges from 3 to 6 mg, and you can have this despite taking very high amounts of e-liquid with its various flavorings and colors.

Curious Smokers

Another way to enjoy e-liquids well is by being a curious smoker who takes on a new variety after every week. It is among the fastest methods of acquainting yourself with what is available in the market. Buy them in small quantities so that you are not stuck with a flavor you dislike.