Factors to consider when buying electronic cigarettes

man vaping

Smoking is considered to be an unhealthy habit. However, with an electronic cigarette, one does not risk experiencing the health hazards associated with traditional smoking. However, choosing the right e-cig is just like buying regular cigarettes. One should critically assess the quality of the cigarette, the flavor, and things like the reputation of the brand. That said, this article shares some important factors every smoker intending to switch to e-cigs should consider.

Appearanceelectronic cigarettes

Most people intending to make the healthy smoking switch prefer using something that is almost identical to what they are used to. However, this might not be important to others provided the e-cig satisfies their cravings for nicotine. If the appearance of the electronic cigarettes is not important to you, you can always go for a brand with the design you are comfortable with.

Amount of vapor

The volume and quality of vapor produced by any e-cigarettes should feature among the most important considerations. Most brands give a decent amount of vapor. If you want more or even less than the amount provided, you can always shop around for a unit that suits you most.

Nicotine levels

How much nicotine do you need? Ideally, the amount of smoke is quite different from the concentration of nicotine provided by cigarettes. As such, heavy smokers – those that smoke up to 20 cigarettes per day might need an electronic cigarette with at least 24mg cartridges. The idea behind using 24 mg cartridges is to avoid draining the battery before satisfying your cravings.


To a smoker, looking for a certain flavor might seem unnecessary considering that most smokers are mostly after the nicotine. In as much as you are after the nicotine, a cool flavor makes smoking appealing even to those around you. If you prefer flavored smoking, you can consider buying an e-cig that has many flavors.


e-cigThe quality of batteries in an e-cig determines how long you will smoke before recharging. An e-cig with lasting batteries allows you to smoke more puffs. You might also find some automated e-cigs that only activated once someone inhales.

Ideally, buying an e-cig becomes easy when one knows what he or she is looking for. Once you know what you want and what you do not, you are good to go. Essentially, buying an e-cig is all about satisfying your cravings for nicotine and getting value for money.