Different Methods of T-shirt Printing that You can Ace

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Whether you’re promoting an exciting new brand or equipping your relatives for an Instagram photo at a family celebration, there’s a good reason to print your bespoke T-shirts.

Screen Printing

art print inkThe nylon mesh holds the stencil that serves as the printer. It is placed on a piece of paper with the same color and pattern on the back of the shirt. The negative space you want to create is sealed off with a waterproof material and the stencil on the back of the note. Most companies use screen printing, but if you want a single unique design, it can be tricky as you need to make another stencil. It is the best method to print high-quality T-shirt designs because it guarantees the uniform reproduction of the design. This gives your shirt an extraordinary designs that your customers love.

Direct to Garments

Like screen printing, it is also popular with amateur hobbyist, but this method is suitable for one – color screens. It is not ideal for intricate multicolor designs, so it is only ideal for high-quality t-shirt designs. It is simple; all you need is a textile printer and some ink. The only exception is that in this case, the ink is passed through the fabric. DTG works like a paper printer in an office, but it requires some knowledge and skills if you don’t want professional service.

The direct garment method is a super intricate design printed on a single piece of fabric, usually a T-shirt or shirt sleeve. Although the ink used is thin, it forms an additional thick layer on the material. When you touch the final design, your hand’s soft feel will be the same as the original design on the shirt.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation works well on lighter shirt fabrics, but DTG is the least durable, and the material can fade within a year or less. It is perfect for printing on polyester and such cream fabrics, but not ideal for printing on cotton fabrics. Shirts made by sublimation are durable, look cute and save resources and time, but if you have a small shirt order, it is economical to use a hot press. Sublimation dyes are a great way to print polyester shirts with minimal and durable design.

Vinyl Cutting

Cutting vinyl is used to create slogans and small graphics for sportswear and is an excellent alternative to printing multiple garments. Vinyl cutting machines offer the possibility to use different layers to print different colors and designs. They can also be used to create sports swears, slogans, and smaller graphics.